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Because at Yor car hire our main concern is to provide the best possible service, we have decided to equip all our cars with the electronic transponders for the A22 tolls.

The transponder does not need to be pre-booked as it will be available on arrival for all the clients that wish to have it.
On all cars the transponders are connected to the license car number. They can�t be remove from the car.

How can I have a transponder to go legally into the A22 road?
The transponders that YOR car hire offers you are available on arrival for all the clients that wish to have them; they do not need to be pre-booked.

How much will cost the transponder?
The transponder will have a cost of 20 euros, cash payment, and it already includes 15 euros of passages in it.
For minibus car models will have a cost of 30 euro, cash payment, and includes 25 euros of passages in it.

I know in advance, these initial 15 euros will not be enough for my journeys. How can I add more money?
On arrival should you choose to add more money to the transponder, our representatives can recharge it with a minimum of 10 euros and multiples of 10 euros, which will be added to the initial 15 euros.

I have started and finished my holidays and I did not spend the initial 15 euros. Will I get a refund?
Unfortunately no. Any amount left to use will not be possible to refund as we do not have that facility as well.

In case I decide not to use the A22, what will happen?
You need to provide the 20 euro for deposit, in cash. In case you did not use the A22 , we will refund the 20 euro.

When you lose the transponder or return damaged?
The company will charge 57 euro+ Vat for the replacement of the new transponder. You must not take the transponder form the car,as the cameras in the motorways will identify the car with the plate number, and will consider as a crime , punish by the European Law.

Toll Rules Sign A22-Toll rules


From December 2011:

These motorways will only have the overhead gantry systems and will not have tolls booths or PAYG as exists.

The client has the facility to go to a Post Office (CTT) after 48 hours of passing in the SCUT and pay the amount according with the plate number of the car and dates of hire!

For every rental vehicle passing on toll roads, Car Rental Companies will be obliged by law, to identify the driver that did not pay the tolls at the Post Offices. Then the driver will be contacted by post mail.

Car hire companies may also, apply Administration charges for the answer of fines!

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